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∼ Contrast Charlottesville and Ferguson

Contrast Charleston and Ferguson

Published by  EconBob on July 4, 2015 |

Photo Credit – Charlotte Observer –

We have recently witnessed an amazingly forgiving attitude by nine families and an entire church, Emanuel AME in Charleston, SC.

After such a cruel, evil crime as the one that occurred there, they have demonstrated for all of us an ideal of grace, class and all those related attributes to which we only aspire.

Contrast this response, where righteous anger was certainly justified but not chosen, with what transpired in Ferguson, MO over the last year; the root cause of the anger there was quite different, since it involved a police shooting in the line of duty. But in Ferguson much of the “righteous anger” was based on a lie. The co-shoplifter report of what happened (“Hands up, don’t shoot”) was swallowed by much of the media and much of the local community. Some of the locals then took this as a license for violent protests and looting. Businesses were found “guilty” for doing absolutely nothing and burned as well as looted. Most of the cable & network news media took it as a license to indict the entire US for racism.

Why anyone believed this perjury is beyond me. One has to look at motives and credability. He had a motive to lie, to blame the police for either going along with his friend’s very bad plan or suggesting it himself (i.e. ripping off items from a small store and then treating the owner to a physical threat after he objected). It’s an injustice that he was not charged for perjury (lying to the FBI) and a false police report.

Does this mean Charleston is a “better” city than Ferguson? Not exactly, but Ferguson residents and those in the surrounding areas who jumped into the fray could certainly learn a lot from Charleston, as could all of us.

– Bob Michaelson, 6/26/15

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You are here: Home ∼ NFL Turning Point – Super Bowl Officials Screwed Up Again – Gave Patriots a Gift

NFL Turning Point – Super Bowl Officials Screwed Up Again – Gave Patriots a Gift

Published by seabob on February 5, 2015 | Leave a response | Edit

By Bob Michaelson, Admin/Editor/Author
I hate to complain but the Seahawks got hosed again. To review the situation: the DB for the Patriots, some rookie named Butler, made a “smart” play with 7 minutes to go in the Super Bowl. He fell trying to keep up with the Seahawks receiver and, from the turf, reached out and tripped Lockette. Even if it’s called, which it wasn’t, it’s better than a long gain. And Lockette is good at picking up RAC yardage. See video here and here for an mpg and gif version of the key play.

Of course we Seattle people are going to bitch and moan, especially since I have not heard one word about this play on ESPN, much less…BUT the following quotes are from Dallas, Buffalo and Boston. BOSTON!

Fourth quarter, 6:52, 24-21 Seahawks: The Patriots D came up big. Malcolm Butler got away with pass interference on first down, as he tripped over his own feet and then got a hand on the feet of Lockette.



Seattle needed to retake control of the game, but instead held the ball for 63 seconds on a very quick 3-and-out where they were not given a clear pass interference as Ricardo Lockette was tripped by a falling Malcolm Butler who reached out to concede a flag over a disastrous play. A few plays later, they punted it right back to New England with 6:52 left and down 3.



But Seattle also got hurt by a bad call. Michaels and Collinsworth noted a pass interference against the Pats wasn’t called late in the game.


And here’s a great analysis –

Pete Damilatis – on Twiiter in Real Time

Of course, the Seahawks still had a chance later in the game. The final play tended to overshadow what came before. But this was huge! As soon as it happened I knew the Seahawks were screwed. They almost overcame a terrible non-call.

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You are here: Home ∼ Favorite Asian Large City?

Favorite Asian Large City?

Published by seabob on February 14, 2014 | Leave a response | Edit

Bob Michaelson, 2/14/14

What’s your favorite large city in Asia for vacation and/or biz?

Wall Street Journal Photo

I’ve been fortunate and blessed to have visited:

Harbin (worked there for two years), Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Kunming, Wuhan, Taibei, Tokyo, Atami, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Daqing, Singapore…

Mine is Hong Kong, because of the transport – Star Ferry, Subway, taxis; the restaurants – lots of high quality restaurants because there is lots of competition; hotels – I’ve stayed at a wide range: the YMCA Kowloon to the Peninsula (the latter with Chia, the former during my teaching gig in China) and the exciting atmosphere!

Honorable mention – Shanghai has good western-style bakeries.

How about you? send me a message – and I will publish the best responses.

Rubber Duck by Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn – WSJ Photo

A Nice Couple from the Mainland, taken by Bob in Hong Kong

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You are here: Home ∼ International Business Exam

International Business Exam


We now have around 100 questions!

  • There is no time limit while taking the exam.
  • But you cannot go back to previous questions.
  • If you want to take the exam and get listed on the Leaderboard, register and log in before taking it.
  • You DO NOT need to register to take the exam. We suggest that you take it as a trial and then review your right/wrong answers after completion. (There’s a button to select to review all of your answers!)
  • Eventually one can earn a certificate by passing the exam (70%+ correct)…
  • And/or join our virtual international business club.
  • We would like to know your preference – certificate or membership? Kindly email your friendly Admin

Categories & Notes –

We covered most of this, but not all…
• Economics – macro, micro, trade benefits, comparative advantage, David Ricardo vs. Adam Smith;
• Accounting
• Taxation –
• World Biz Leaders,
• Cultural Sensitivity –
• Finance; Cash Flow; leverage
• Outsourcing, Technical expertise around the world;
• Working with contractors, 1099s, Job Order, Purchase Order, uses of databases to track accounting expenses, revenue, projects, equipment, etc.
• Language Issues – English vs. local languages;
• Questions on main regions – LATAM, MIDEAST, ASIA, EURO
• Currency –
• Match currency to country.
• Book Value vs. stock value
• Local managers, owners, partners: benefits & costs
• Cost/Benefit analysis
• Joint Ventures, wholly owned subs, local laws that require a certain percentage of foreign ownership min/max.
• Legal

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Maui, HI and Seattle, WA
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You are here: Home ∼ Google News Finds Benghazi Not Newsworthy

Google News Finds Benghazi Not Newsworthy

Published by seabob on May 9, 2013 | Leave a response | Edit

Bob Michaelson

Why is Google News ignoring the Benghazi, Libya massacre investigation?? The last 2 days your correspondent has checked the headlines on the news compilation service and they seem to be purposely leaving Benghazi out. I know that Google uses an algorithm / bots to gather and prioritize headlines, but they can accomplish their goals through how they set up those tools.

Google executives supported Obama is the last 2 presidential elections and they are quite liberal. This lack of coverage equates to censorship of the news.


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You are here: Home ∼ GSA and Other Federal Agencies Ripping Off the Public – Their Staff Should Pay the Money Back!

GSA and Other Federal Agencies Ripping Off the Public – Their Staff Should Pay the Money Back!

Published by seabob on May 31, 2012 | Leave a response | Edit

by Bob Michaelson

Here’s my solution to the recent scandals at GSA, NOAA and other agencies: the employees should pay the money back from their travel junkets. They ripped off all taxpayers and thought it was a big joke.

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You are here: Home ∼ Why Do We Put Up With This Deficit Level??!

Why Do We Put Up With This Deficit Level??!

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Bob Michaelson 2/15/12

Fiscal Year 2007 U.S. Budget Deficit – $161 billion

2008 – $459 billion

2009 – $1,413 billion

2010 – $1,293 billion

2011 – $1,300 billion

2012 – projected – $1,327 billion

Source –

Why have we allowed Congress and the President to take us from “normal” deficits of around $400 billion per year to THREE TIMES that level, $1.2 Trillion EVERY YEAR?!

They used the financial crisis as an excuse to jack up spending and leave it there.

Throw the bums out!

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You are here: Home ∼ A Report From North Korea

A Report From North Korea

Published by seabob on January 6, 2012 | Leave a response | Edit

Bob Michaelson Jan. 6th, 2012

I recently saw a TV report on the situation in North Korea. It was produced by NHK, a Japanese station. It seems that the Japanese follow  what’s going on in North Korea very closely. They are neighbors and many Japanese have been kidnapped by North Korean agents over the last 30 years or so. It was an excellent report.

The first part showed some street vendors selling tomatoes and other produce. I think it was in Pyongyang. They were chased away by government authorities. They did not have a license or permit or whatever it takes in the DRNK to sell products. The government agents knew they did not have licenses because they, and their comrades, are the only ones who issue licenses. The vendors complained, out of earshot of the officials, that there is no other way to make money than selling products.

I guess they were making (what the government deemed as) too much profit. Sounds familiar.

Then, later in the report, we were informed that all the major sectors of the economy are run by the government in North Korea, including health care! Sounds familiar. Just like what Democrats in Congress are trying to do here.




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Get the Federal Government Out of the Venture Capital Business!

Published by seabob on October 6, 2011 | Leave a response | Edit

by Bob Michaelson

From an ABC News Interview, reported in the LA Times here.

“In a short but wide-ranging interview, the president spoke for the first time on the collapse of Solyndra, the solar start-up company that got a government-backed loan in 2009.

The question arose shortly after Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee released copies of internal emails in which senior administration officials warned against having Obama visit the company as its financial troubles piled up.

Obama said the loan guarantee program is working well overall, despite the fact that “not every single business is going to succeed.”

If the U.S. wants to compete with other countries that are subsidizing “industries of the future,” Obama said, the government has to make sure American companies “get a shot” to compete.

“Hindsight is always 20/20,” Obama said. “It went through the regular review process and people felt this was a good bet.””

I guess when you’ve already flushed hundreds of billions of dollars down the toilet via “stimulus” a half billion is no big deal. Another response was that we have to compete with China on these green energy projects.

Six reasons the U.S. governement should not be in the venture capital business:

1. They should not gamble with our money. VCs expect to get 1 big win out of 10 investments and 2 or 3 decent returns out of the same 10. This cannot work via government “investment” because there’s no guarantee any will pan out.

2. They have shown they are incompetent. Who cares if China leads the world in producing solar panels. We can buy them cheaply and still gain all the (over-hyped) advantages of using them.

3. It invites “Crony Capitalism” or, in the current case, “Crony Socialism.”

4. They target the wrong industries.

5. They choose the wrong winners within those industries.

6. It’s gambling with money we don’t have now.

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